18 years old, with big dreams and high goals, Monika Kørra moved from her native Norway to Dallas, TX on a track scholarship with SMU. To represent a college track team was a dream come true, and it took her a step closer towards her goal of becoming a professional runner. She felt like nothing could hold her back.


Her college career started as she had hoped, with immediate success on and off the track. Then, one night during the Christmas holidays her sophomore year, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and gang raped by three men. Suddenly, her life was turned up side down, and she and others wondered if she would ever find her way back to a normal life; however, Monika was determined. In the police car on the way to the hospital that night, she made the decision to not let that event destroy or define her life - she would fight until she felt whole again. She would survive.


After assisting with the convictions of her 3 assailants, Monika bravely came forward to make her voice heard. In doing so, she turned tragedy into a message of survival and hope for anyone who has suffered through trauma or setbacks. She founded "The Monika Kørra Foundation", whose mission is to create awareness of the prevalence and effects of sexual assault and to provide a place of healing for victims.




Monika is now a highly sought after speaker and author, continually speaking across the nation to create awareness regarding rape and abuse and to inspire others to work their way through any kind of personal life challenges, not just those involving sexual assault. Her book, “Killing the Silence,” will be in stores this summer.


  • On Honor roll at SMU for academic achievement, all 4 years.

  • Perseverance Award 2009, SMU Athletics

  • Certificate of excellence for achievements in field of Applied Physiology 2012, SMU

  • Wilma Rudolph Student Athlete Achievement Award 2012, N4A



Monika Kørra founded “The Monika Kørra Foundation” in October 2012 with a mission to Kill the Silence surrounding rape and abuse in society and make it possible for survivors to seek the help needed for complete healing.